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  • Instabuy Computers
    Your partner in building a powerful and robust IT infrastucture.
  • Instabuy Computers
    Your partner in building a powerful and robust IT infrastucture.
  • Instabuy Computers
    Your partner in building a powerful and robust IT infrastucture.

About US

INSTABUY is a technically competent, professionally managed company with a wide range of expertise in providing cost-effective solutions to customers, established in the year 2000 pioneering in the Information Technology Hardware solution field.

At INSTABUY we implement a comprehensive Quality process to ensure that all Products and Services form to strict standards. INSTABUY has conclusively proved its technical capabilities in providing stable and flexible solutions with good support to the customers.

Speed: Our products and services are of exceptional quality, The products are available ex-stock from our showroom and the same can be delivered at any time, any place, any product within a very short notice of time.

Our track record is testimony to maintaining quality and service to our customers.

Expertise: Our team combines cutting edge technology skills with rich technical expertise. What's equally important we share a strong customer orientation that means we actually start by listening to the customer. We're focused on coming up with solutions that serve customer requirements today and anticipate future needs. Computer services, Networking of Computer Systems & Repair, Maintaining the same under different platforms and Chip Level Service of all systems, peripherals and network products.

A Full Service Portfolio We offer customers the advantage of being able to rely on one, fully accountable source instead of trying to integrate disparate multi-vendor solutions.

Dedication We are dedicated to providing the most efficient and effective technical skills delivery service in the market. We are continually improving and fine tuning our system so that it is of maximum service to our clients, consultants, partners and employees.

Integrity We believe in being honest, hardworking and upfront at all times. Above all, we believe in taking care of people. We believe that when you provide a good service and treat people with respect, everything else will follow.

Our Vision

To become one of the best and respected service partner and a standout among IT Support Companies.

Our Mission

To become a premiere Organization providing repair and all type of services and solutions to the information and communication technologies to create service and repair centers all over the World to provide quality repair and service facilities which will ensure

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Continues Growth

  • Fulfilling Social Obligation